Farm Equipment

Sea Level

Super-capacity water pump in sea

It is able to reduce operation cost by acquiring abundant seawater flow with low power into fish tank
- 3D impeller enabling smooth water current
- Maximized capacity by rotary suction without cavitation
- Maximized capacity by 8 pole pump
- Material: STS(SUS)316

※ various parts for pump are manufactured.

Raw fish feed pellet machine:

- solid and congruent size of pellet.
- labor and cost down by shortening the pellet making time.
- service life extension of knife and flat by using durable material

Heat exchanger for marine aquaculture:

heat exchanger solving the problems caused by the inflow of various foreign materials in seawater and corrosion of parts, and extending the service life using special materials.

Sea Level Farm Equipment

Lump feed seperator

Feed pellet for small fry


Drum type coating machine

Feed mixer

Fish Pump