Company introduction

Clean environment, renewable energy
Sun brand industrial Inc. will lead the way.

Sun brand Industrial Inc. is one of leading companies in eco-friendly energy field.
By recycling the by-products of agriculture, forestry, and livestock, we are striving for technological development and development in various fields of environmental business such as rice bran and organic compost pellet production system, wood pellet production system, and charcoal and vinegar production system using pellet molding technology.

Eco-friendly Agriculture
and Renewable Energy Business

In eco-friendly agriculture and renewable energy business, we have the technology to comprehensively carry out the entire process of the plant from design to construction, construction management and after-sales service.
Also, in order to enhance the value of service and quality that we provide to our customers, we will continue to focus on constant technology development and construction for a clean environment.

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inland water farm equipment inland water farm equipment


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Patent No. 10-0937968

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Patent No. 10-0753234

Patent No. 10-1081148

Patent No. 10-1080708


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